Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What's next for csUnit?

Since the March '08 release of csUnit we have thought about what area we should focus on next. We have improved the performance, we have added data-driven testing, and we there were always a few features that csUnit provided first. The next area we are looking at is usability. We'd like to improve usability significantly. For instance, as test suites grow it may become more and more time consuming to locate a particular test or test fixture. The next version of csUnit will therefore feature an easy to use search capability, available for both the stand-alone GUI and the addin for Visual Studio. We are also putting quite some effort into improving the test tree view. We believe that all users will benefit from improvements in this area. And finally, csUnit has become very feature rich over time. Some people prefer a simpler UI. We want to serve both groups of users the ones who prefer the rich functionality, and the ones who prefer to keep it simple. The idea is to add some configurability to the UI so that depending on your preference more or less elements become visible. Stay tuned! And if there is a feature you'd like to see, don't hesitate to visit csUnit's web site and follow the link to "Suggest a feature" that you can find on most pages.


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