Friday, March 31, 2006

csUnit 2.1.0 BETA Released

Finally a .NET 2.0 compatible version of csUnit is available. Although it doesn't have an addin for Visual Studio 2005 yet, it's still worthwhile to take a look. For instance: Did you ever wish you had a setup or teardown method for all your tests in one assembly? Then try this: [TestAssemblyFixture] public class TestData { [SetUp] public void CreateInMemoryDB() { //... } [TearDown] public void CleanupInMemoryDB() { //... } private InMemoryDB _database = null; } This is a just an example for illustration purposes. Don't send me a message asking for my code for the InMemoryDB class. I don't have it! As for csUnit 2.1.0 BETA, you can find it at