Saturday, April 29, 2006

csUnit 2.1.1 BETA released

Another beta release of csUnit 2.1 is available at csUnit's web site. Remember, version 2.1 is the first csUnit version that supports .NET 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005. For this beta version we focused on two major areas:
  • Addin for Visual Studio
  • Performance Engineering
The addin for Visual Studio is available again with a similar feature set as in previous versions. After adding a reference to csUnit to your project you will have two additional entries in your context menu for the project: VS2005 Context Menu On the performance side, we decided that we wanted to measure and reveal the amount of overhead csUnit adds to your unit tests. csUnit is the first unit testing tool, which provides that feature. We used dotTrace by JetBrains and Microsoft's CLRProfiler to improve overall performance. Our data shows that we have been able to reduce the overhead caused by csUnitRunner, the standalone GUI application to about 1 second per 100 tests. Compared to almost 10 seconds in the past, this is a significant improvement and saves valuable development time. Concurrently we have also started to talk to different tool vendors, some of them already providing support for csUnit. The idea is to make sure that csUnit provides for the best possible integration in order to help increasing your productivity.