Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Mandatory Use Of Attributes in csUnit (Proposal)

We are considering to drop csUnit's support for finding Tests and TestFixtures based on naming conventions, e.g. fixture names end with Test and tests starting with Test. Instead I'd like to change the specification so that it becomes a requirement to use attributes, e.g. TestFixtureAttribute and TestAttribute, to mark fixtures and tests. The benefit would be a more consistent use of csUnit, e.g. TestAssemblyFixtureAttribute can be expressed with attributes only. The impact would be that all test fixtures and all tests that still rely on naming convention would have to augmented by assigning the TestFixtureAttribute to all fixtures and TestAttribute to all tests. Depending on the number of tests this might a substantial work. Send your feedback and comments to manfred at csunit dot org. Thank you!

Monday, August 21, 2006

What About csUnit 2.1?

Admittedly there wasn't much news around csUnit 2.1 for a while. But be assured that we are working on it, and we are hoping to make a release available in September 2006. Currently we are refactoring the code base, in particular we would like to make the "categories" feature much more powerful. A collateral will be an improved user interface for both the stand-alone application (csUnitRunner) and the Visual Studio 2005 add-in. Stay tuned!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Startup Tests in csUnit 2.0.4

The GUI runner of the new version csUnit 2.0.4 executes some startup tests. These checks certain aspects of the installation. The dialog box showing the execution of those startup tests will disappear automatically after about 3-4 seconds. The next maintenance release will execute these tests only once when the GUI has been started for the first time after installation. Currently it is run each time the GUI is started. Also, these tests are available from an option in the Help menu. Adding these startup tests is an experiment for improving the user experience of csUnit. All kind of feedback is highly welcome and appreciated. Please send email to manfred at csunit dot org. Thank you!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

csUnit 2.0.4 Released

Another version of csUnit is available: csUnit 2.0.4. This is a maintenance release for csUnit 2.0.x, which is the version that has addins and wizards for VS2002 and VS2003. This release contains one bugfix for csUnitVSWizard (SourceForge Tracker ID 1528508: Can't find Wizard.config). Furthermore the setup has been modified so that csUnit assemblies, which need to be be COM visible, no longer register with a CodeBase key in the registry. If you need support for VS2005 you may try csUnit 2.1.x, which contains addins and wizards for VS2005 and also supports .NET 2.0.