Wednesday, April 16, 2008

ReSharper 3.1: More Details

I promised to provide more details about my ReSharper experience as I go. So here is an item that I perceive as a nuisance. Sometimes, when you type in code, it displays the information above the line of code, and parameter info below the line of code. As a result in some cases almost all code is covered by those nice pop-ups. That can be very challenging at times. What I definitely like is the light bulbs ReSharper shows in the left margin. It's color indicates whether a suggestion is more serious (color is red) or if it is more optional (color is yellow). When you click on the light bulb a menu with useful next actions is displayed, e.g. "Optimize Usings" or "Qualifier is redundant" or "Make readonly". Although the fun stops after a while because you have used up all the light bulbs in the code base, it definitely helps improving the code, in particular making it more readable by removing all the "noise" from the stream of information that hits your eyes. Well done! I do have the impression though that Visual Studio responds slightly slower. This is not really surprising given the functionality ReSharper provides and given the a lot of elements need to be updated as you edit your code. I think, though, that the performance hit is a good investment since you get the improved code in return. Please be aware that this applies to version 3.1. JetBrains may decide to release newer versions that exposes a different behavior. Note: I paid in full for my license, and I have no financial or other interest in JetBrains the company behind ReSharper.


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