Sunday, August 09, 2009

Windows API Code Pack for .NET

Trying to stay on top of the latest UI developments of Windows was never easy not only from a technical perspective. At times it also appeared as if Microsoft tried to make sure that new controls made their way into Microsoft Office first just so their applications were the only ones with the most recent user experience. On the other hand things seem to change. Microsoft makes newer user experience elements available sooner. Maybe the reason is that drumming up support for a newer operating system like Windows 7 is faster. Be it as it is. On August 06, 2009, Microsoft published an updated version of the Windows API Code Pack that gives you quite a few new elements you can leverage for your applications. For example you can programmatically control the appearance of the taskbar for your application by providing jump lists and reporting back progress. Get the Windows API Code Pack for .NET here. There also a few links to videos that show how to use some of the features. While some of the items work for Windows 7 only, some of them will work on older Windows versions as well.


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