Thursday, August 20, 2009

ReSharper 4.5 Plugin for csUnit

Since I'm using csUnit and ReSharper in combination I certainly would like to have a better integration here. While JetBrains provides as part of their PowerToys the source code for a csUnit plugin, it unfortunately lacks a few things, e.g. the latest PowerToys set of files seems to be incomplete. For example the readme file refers to folders and files that are not included. Also, the sources for the csUnit plugin that are included in PowerToys create a number of compile errors when compiled against ReSharper 4.5. Apparently the examples weren't updated from previous versions, and R# 4.5 has a few breaking changes.
So I decided to update the example code and also add it to the csUnit source code. Here are two screen shots. The first one shows the editor with R#'s adornments on the left The second screenshot shows a window of R# displaying the result of a test run: The ReSharper plugin for csUnit is planned to be included in csUnit 2.7, which we plan to release in a few months. We haven't decided yet on the final date.


Glenn Crouch said...

Excellent news - I prefer csUnit for my testing, and find ReSharper makes more productive - so I will eagerly be looking forward to v2.7!

Thanks again!

Manfred said...

Glenn, thank you for your comment!

Just found out that the plugin doesn't recognize FixtureSetup / FixtureTearDown yet. So I'll have to add that, too. Let's see how far I get given the documentation available. ;-)

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