Monday, March 16, 2009

ClassInitialize Method Can Be 'static'

A few days ago I wrote about adding support for MS Unit Testing to csUnit (see here). Since I am also using ReSharper it sometimes suggests declaring methods as 'static' when the code of the method doesn't access any instance variables. So just now it happened that a method marked with the 'ClassInitializeAttribute' was marked as static as well. When executing the set of tests in this class the method with the 'ClassInitializeAttribute' wasn't executed at all because apparently csUnit wasn't picking it up. So I went and checked the csUnit code and found that the equivalent FixtureSetupAttribute was found only for non-static methods as well. So at least that was consistent. Giving it a second thought I decided that it definitely makes sense to allow the FixtureSetupAttribute (and consequentially the 'ClassInitializeAttribute') to be on static methods as well. However, that isn't quite that straight forward the way the scanners in csUnit are implemented. So I'll have to do some refactoring before support for static fixture setup methods becomes available in trunk (let alone in a future release). So that would bring the list of supported MS Unit Testing attributes to the following:
  • TestClassAttribute
  • TestMethodAttribute
  • ExpectedExceptionAttribute
  • ClassInitializeAttribute
Assertions are supported anyways. The support of MS Unit Testing in csUnit is making progress.


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