Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ninject, Interception and out/ref arguments/parameters

While implementing an aspect using Ninject along with its Ninject.Extensions.Interception I found that it wouldn’t work with arguments (parameters) that are ‘out’ or ‘ref’ (‘out’ is just a special case of ‘ref’ really). I found a temporary solution at CodeProject and in parallel submitted an issue on Github for the Ninject guys to have a look at. I expected this to take a few weeks or even months to be resolved. But they surprised me positively. Support for out/ref arguments/parameters was implemented within 5 hours. Remo, do you sleep at all?

Remo Gloor, one of the Ninject project contributors, responded with saying that the feature will be included in Ninject 3.0. I checked and he had just committed the needed changes. Thank you, Remo, for the fast turn around! To confirm I updated my local sources from Github, compiled them and it all worked as expected. Sweet!

According to Remo, support for out / ref parameters / arguments will only be available when you use DynamicProxy2. If you want to make use of it prior to the 3.0 release of Ninject just pull the latest set of sources and build it yourself. Happy coding!


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