Friday, March 04, 2011

Cannot toggle breakpoint with F9 key

Embarrassing but I still would like to share this in case it drives you nuts ... well I even re-installed Visual Studio to resolve this. What happened?

All the sudden setting breakpoints using F9 stopped working. I had just finished installing service pack 1 for my OS so I had a prime suspect. Or so I thought. After removing one plug-in at a time, repairing Visual Studio 2010 and eventually reinstalling it, it still wouldn't work.

I don't know what made me check this but for some reason I found that some function keys would still do something. After some experimentation I found that my keyboard has a special key "F Lock" and after I pressed that all was back to normal. Normally keyboards don't have that key. However, I have a Microsoft natural ergonomics keyboard and it has that key. Apparently I must have had pressed the "F Lock" key accidentally. Oh, well! I guess it's Friday night and time to get some sleep ...


Bryce said...

This little post is a gem - have been unable to use F9, F10, F11 for the past couple weeks or months - and your "aha" moment turned out to be the root cause of my pain. Much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

I just spent an hour trying to find why my f9 didn't work. Your post hit fixed my problem.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Saved me a lot of debugging (I didn't know the F Lock even existed)

Turbo said...

Thanks a lot! Saved my life.

Anonymous said...

Me too. Thanks for bothering to put that up. Saved me a lot of messing about.

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