Wednesday, July 21, 2010

SVN Location of Lucene.NET

I’m probably the last one to notice… And if not, here is the subversion (SVN) repository location of Lucene.NET after it has come out of Apache Software Foundation’s incubator and became a part of Lucene:

In case you want to download the source code, I’m sure you are aware that you want to append either ‘trunk’ or a tag to this URL. Don’t bother looking into branches. As of writing there were none. The latest tag as of writing was version Lucene.Net_2_9_2 (URL in the SVN repository) although the Java version is already at 3.0.

By the way: They also offer binary releases, but the most recent I could find was March 11, 2007. So I guess this means: DYI. Fortunately, that turned out to be straight forward when using Visual Studio 2005 or later (I used VS 2010). Just get the code of tag Lucene.Net_2_9_2 and compile the solution src\Lucene.Net\Lucene.Net.sln. The output is in Bin\Debug or Bin\Release and consists of a single assembly Lucene.Net.dll, which you need to reference in your project.


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