Tuesday, April 14, 2009

LinearGradientBrush with more than two GradientStop's in XAML

Using Expression Blend 2 you may believe that you can have only two GradientStop's for your LinearGradientBrush in particular if you are UI addicted as I am. The UI of Expression Blend 2 doesn't offer adding another GradientStop. But funny enough it supports them! So just go to the XAML code for, e.g. select "View XAML" from the context menu and just add another GradientStop tag to the XAML code for the GradientBrush. Once you do that you will notice that the Expression Blend 2 user interface will happily display 3 (or more) sliders as demonstrated in the screenshot. Here is an example:
<lineargradientbrush key="WindowBackgroundBrush"
  spreadmethod="Pad" endpoint="0.5,1" startpoint="0.5,0">
<gradientstop color="#FFFFDCDC" offset="0.56" />
<gradientstop color="#FFFF6F6F" offset="0.77" />
<gradientstop color="#FFFFDCDC" offset="1" />


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