Thursday, June 19, 2008

csUnit: What's Next?

csUnit 2.5 is very well received but since we are always trying to find improvements I'd like to share a couple of items that we plan for the next version. For one, the performance has slightly slipped. Some new features resulted in an runtime penalty which we believe has become too high. So we did some performance analysis and have found ways to get a performance improvement of about 10% to 30% of the next version over version 2.5. Both the command line version and the GUI version benefit from this improvement. The other area we didn't like too much was the slightly cluttered user interface on the test hierarchy tab, which is the most frequently used view in the tool. In addition the search feature on the test hierarchy tab worksfor the test hierarchy only. This is a limitation. So we decided to revisit the search feature. The next version will therefore have a new search feature that works across all tabs. And at the sime time we were able to remove the related buttons from the test hierarchy page and replace them with a single button in the already existing toolbar. This freed up screen real estate for the important information and also simplified the appearance. These are just two of the improvements you will see in the upcoming version 2.6 of csUnit, which we are planning for August. Stay posted. If you'd like to participate in determining the future of csUnit then please don't hesitate to contact me or anybody else of the csUnit team.


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