Sunday, May 11, 2008

Weakness in VS Debugger

This time I' d like to make you aware of a wee weakness of the Visual Studio debugger. Suppose you have overloaded the Equals() method for one of your classes. And it looks similar to this:
public class ProjectElement {
  public override bool Equals(object obj) {
    if( obj != null
      && obj.GetType().Equals(GetType())) {
      ProjectElement otherObject = 
      return _assemblyPathName.Equals(
During a debugging session you can use the QuickWatch as a convenient way to examine variables. However, be aware of the following. When you use QuickWatch on '_assemblyPathName' in the above example then QuickWatch does not consider the context. E.g. even if you hover over the '_assemblyPathName' part of the expression 'otherObject._assemblyPathName' QuickWatch will just use the member variable of 'this', which not in all cases will have the same value. If you want to be on the safe side then select the entire expression you would like to inspect, e.g. all of 'otherObject._assemblyPathName'. After that select QuickWatch. I think this is a shortcoming of the QuickWatch feature since it displays the content of a variable that you didn't want to look at, and you might not even notice that you are looking at something different of a similar name. If one of you Microsofties are reading this maybe you could consider this as an improvement for the next release of Visual Studio? Thank you!


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